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Wendy Yun-Chieh Shih

In 2011, I earned a Master of Music degree in Cello Performance at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. After graduation from the school, I have been participating in many concerts in a great number of places such as London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Taipei, Myanmar and Disney Concert Hall in California., etc.. All performances and concert tours are formative experiences that have absolutely enriched me as an individual who endeavors to pursue a lifelong career in music. For the past years in England, I had fully committed myself to work as a professional musician and actively engaged in concerts and shows such as string quartet concerts, orchestra, Shakespeare’s show, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, etc.. In 2013, I became the first Taiwanese who was an honored member in City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra. After all these years traveling around the world, I decided to settle down in Toronto, Canada.

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