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RBC Welcome Seats: Welcoming Newcomers and Host Families

Three women in the lobby of the Meridian Arts Centre, their arms around each other, smiling. The leftmost woman is wearing a black dress and holding a French horn. The centre woman is wearing a grey jacket and a white veil. The third woman is wearing a black jacket and top.

Since 2018, Orchestra Toronto has designated a block of seats at each concert as free seats for newcomers to Canada arriving as refugees. We stand in solidarity with community members whose lives have been upended by war, violence, and hardship, and while we recognize that solving global conflict is beyond the scope of our mission, providing an afternoon of music for music lovers is well within what we can do.

Through a generous partnership with RBC, we are delighted to be able to offer Welcome Seats again in 2022-23!

We publicize Welcome Seats through our contacts in the refugee and settlement community. Newcomers are invited to contact


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