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Florentina Tohatan

Florentina started violin at the age of 6. After 16 years of specialized music education, she graduated from the National University of Music Bucharest with an Honours Degree in Music (Music Theory and Violin).

During her career as a musician, Florentina was a violin teacher, music TV producer and host of more than 200 programmes for TVR Romania. She also performed as a Concert Master and soloist in chamber orchestras in her native Romania.

More than 20 years ago, she opted for a career change to Information Technology and she is currently working as a Senior Software Developer with RBC Capital Markets.

Florentina is a dedicated member and donor of Orchestra Toronto since 2011. In recognition of her volunteer activity in support of the community, she was awarded each year the RBC Volunteer Grant ($500 a year) to be donated to Orchestra Toronto.

Florentia Tohatan, Violin I

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