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Patricia Howells

Trish Howells is a violinist and music educator in Toronto. Beginning at the age of 11, Trish studied violin privately with Professor Ivan Kowaliw, the director of the Mykola Lysenko Ukrainian Music Institute, in Toronto. She continued her studies with both David Zafer and Andrew Dawes at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.

Trish has enjoyed many years performing in a variety of ensembles including the Lysenko Music Institute String Orchestra, the Trinity Chamber Ensemble, and the Trinity String Quartet. As well, she sang with the Bell’Arte Singers for many years.

Trish was a music educator for 38 years, teaching string classes from grades 4 to 12. Most of her career has been focussed on teaching strings and choral music at the middle school level.  

As a music educator, Trish is passionate about engaging students in learning as a teacher-facilitator. 

Recently retired, Trish is currently studying art history at the University of Toronto. She is also enjoying the newly found time to spend even more time playing violin and viola with Orchestra Toronto, Hart House orchestra and string trios and quartets with friends. Working with student ensembles in workshops is something that Trish enjoys as she continues her pursuit of sharing the joy of music making. She regularly volunteers in music classrooms in her community schools.

When Trish isn’t teaching or playing, she is busy advocating for public music education and music educators everywhere.  She passionately believes that music is a core subject that should be part of every student’s learning experience in all public schools. Attending concerts allows Trish to renew her mind, heart and spirit so that she can continue her musical pursuits as a musician and a music education advocate.

Patricia Howells, Violin II

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