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Ines Pagliari(p)

Ms. Pagliari has been the Director and owner of the Beaches Suzuki School of Music for the last 25 years. It is a Suzuki-based violin and piano music program for children. Ines has been teaching following the principles of the Suzuki Method since the early ’90s.

Ms. Pagliari is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, where she earned an Honours Degree in Violin Performance.

Ines enjoyed the role of Concertmaster with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra for 18 years where she appeared as soloist numerous times. Previously, Ines was the Concertmaster of the York Symphony Orchestra for 6 years.

Ms. Pagliari is a member of the All ‘Amore Ensemble, and is one of the featured performers on the CD entitled “Paradiso” available on iTunes.

Ines Pagliari, Principal, Violin II

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