The Orchestra

Our Mission

Orchestra Toronto is an orchestra created by passionate musicians within the community, for the community. We offer the enjoyment of music, foster education and music appreciation and support emerging Canadian talent. Our organization of volunteers is committed to making symphonic music accessible to a broad and diverse public beyond the concert hall.

Our Vision

Orchestra Toronto will entertain and inspire our many communities and strive to ensure the love of symphonic music is embraced by future generations.

Our Passion

Our passion is deep rooted in more than a half century of musical history:

  • Our volunteer organization embraces partnerships with our supporters to fulfill our vision
  • We seek to provide an inspiring experience in each and every performance
  • We share our enthusiasm for music making with artistic responsibility and devotion to our art form
  • We create programs that meet the changing needs of our audiences and deliver a musical experience beyond their expectations
  • We provide a forum for volunteer and emerging musicians to grow and showcase their talent
  • We will make symphonic music approachable for audiences of all social and musical backgrounds

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