Orchestra Toronto’s COVID-19 Response

Core Principles

  • We are a community and we keep each other safe.
  • The health and social benefits of playing together and sharing our music are at the core of what we do.
  • We will treat all members of our community with care and respect. If a member does not feel safe returning to rehearsals right now, we will respect and support that decision, and make space for them when they do.
  • We will continue to refine our protocol and practices based on the best, most current research available.
  • Plans will change as circumstances change. We will communicate changes clearly and promptly.

Rehearsing Safely

Playing together is at the heart of what we do. Following the provincial public health guidelines, Orchestra Toronto has updated our COVID-19 rehearsal protcol. These protocols will be updated as public health recommendations and best practices develop over time.

Ways we have responded to COVID-19 at rehearsals

  • Ventilation and HEPA filters: We will open as many windows and doors as possible in our rehearsal hall, and have invested in four high-capacity HEPA filters to scrub the air in rehearsals. TOLive has installed UVC lights in all ventilation ducts at the Meridian Arts Centre, to clean the air of pathogens.
  • Modified attendance requirements: We ask that anyone who has the slightest reason to believe they may be carrying any kind of illness stay home. If a member has had to miss rehearsals in order to keep other members safe, we will not penalize them, and we’ll assess their ability to perform on an individual basis.

Performing Safely

We will assess the risks of any performance using Public Health guidelines and work closely with our venues to create the safest conditions possible. Our hosts at TOLive have outlined their safety protocol on their website. Orchestra Toronto makes the following commitments:

  • We will promptly and unquestioningly refund ticket fees for any audience members who stay home in order to keep everyone safe. If you have to miss a performance as a result of illness or possible exposure, please contact the Box Office as soon as possible to arrange your refund.
  • Audience members are encouraged to wear a face mask.

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