Orchestra Toronto’s COVID-19 Policy

Core Principles

  • As a community, we keep each other safe;
  • The health and social benefits of playing together and sharing our music are at the core of Orchestra Toronto (“OT”);
  • We will treat all members of our community with care and respect;
  • This policy is subject to amendments as government regulations and circumstances involving the pandemic continue to evolve; and
  • Any changes to this policy will be based on current research and public health recommendations.


In accordance with provincial regulations, OT no longer requires proof of vaccination, an active medical exemption or participation in a Health Canada approved Coronavirus-19 (“COVID-19”) vaccine trial.

Screening Measures

Those with symptoms or who test positive must not attend rehearsals/performances for five (5) days after the onset of symptoms and wear a mask for ten (10) days thereafter. A list of the more commonly reported symptoms can be found here:


Voluntary Rapid Tests

Rapid Test Kits are available in the Orchestra Toronto office at the Meridian Arts Centre for take-home use.

Distancing and Masking


Keeping a physical distance from others, where possible, remains an extra measure that can be taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19, especially for those at greater risk of serious illness.

COVID-19 spreads more easily through the air in crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation. The risk increases the longer a person stays in the space.

OT will, where practically possible, adopt the following procedures:

  • We ask that everyone prints their own music; if you are unable to print your own music, please advise John McGregor (personnel@orchestratoronto.ca) by 3:00 p.m. the day of rehearsal; and
  • We ask that Orchestra members refrain generally from crowding any areas; for sectionals, we will seek the largest spaces we can.


In accordance with provincial regulations, it is strongly recommended that we wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask, especially in indoor public settings. Even though masks may not be required, masking continues to be an important part of our community’s response to COVID-19. This request recognizes our duty of care to each other.

Masks will still be required in all public settings if / for:

  • You are returning from international travel (mask is required for 14 days); or
  • You are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 (mask is required for 10 days after your last exposure); or
  • 10 days after a positive COVID-19 test.

We will defer to the Member’s handbook – on a case-by-case basis – to determine the impact of non-attendance on each concert cycle.

Audience Members

  • Masks are not mandatory at Orchestra Toronto events; 
  • We ask that anyone experiencing any kind of viral symptom stay home. Should an audience member need to stay home in order to keep the community healthy, we will refund the cost of their ticket, should they desire.

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