Orchestra Toronto is proud to introduce our Legacy Giving Program, designed to honour and recognize individuals who make significant contributions to our organization. Continue reading to learn more about this program and how you can honour someone special.

Legacy Chair – $3000

  • 10-Year Recognition: The honouree’s name will be prominently displayed on our website and in our concert programs for a period of 10 years, acknowledging the generous contributions they’ve made to Orchestra Toronto.
  • Website Feature: A short write-up and a photo of choice will be featured on our website throughout a 10-year period
  • Concert Program Inclusion: Brief write-up and photo, will be included in all five concert programs following your donation, ensuring that your legacy lives on through our performances.

Orchestra Toronto Hall of Fame – $1000

  • Full-Year Recognition: Honouree’s name on our website and in our concert programs for an entire year, celebrating their commitment to supporting OT.
  • Website Showcase: A short write-up and photo on our website for the duration of the year, highlighting their involvement with Orchestra Toronto and the impact they’ve made.
  • Concert Program Feature: A brief write-up and photo will be included in one of our concert programs of your choice following your donation, allowing you to share this special gesture with the honouree and all of our audience members.

Violin I
Corey Gemmell (cm)
Jennifer Tracy Chung
Michele Clemo
Jean-Paul Desaulniers
Yani Hausman
Andrew Kizas
Vivian Koen
Frédéric Mercier
Grace Morrison
Richard Nurgitz
Haeun Song
Kuan Frank Song
Florentina Tohatan
Carlos Vasquez
Elyse Waslat

Violin II
Ines Pagliari (p)
Ralph Bose
Geral Billinghurst
Ken Chow
Lois Chung
Michelle Louise De Souza Gomes
Patricia Howells
Alex Lam
Diane Lee
Pia Pace-Asciak
Carolyn Rogers
Katie Stephens
Lucy Tong
Raadhika Venkatesh
Donald Yoon
Sally Yoon
James Zhang

Elizabeth Morris (p)
Aniko Zsuzsanna Antal
Harikoa Bronsdaughter-George
Veronica Koopmans
Jessamyn Schertz
Nora Webster
Heather Whitney

Zuzanna Chomicka‑Newnham (p)
Janet Allen
Lou Bacs
Karen Devonish-Mazzotta
Claire Le Riche
Jane Litherland
Michael Lordly
Fern Reinhartz
Norman Rosenblum
Amit Rotem
Wendy Yun-Chieh Shih

John Wiener (p)
Tomas Casciato
Melissa Cavelti
Rick Murrin
Eric Mykhalovskiy
Radek Puky
Frank Santopuoli
Jack Schachner

Esther Choi (p)
Dawn Ellis-Mobbs
Lauren Yeomans

James Manson (p)
Cristina Sewerin (p)
Aidan Taylor

Noru Gogovita (p)
Helen Li
Danielle Waxer

French Horn
Samir Abd-Elmessih (p)
Chris Buchner
Rebecca Davies
Avram Selick

John McGregor (p)
Justin Couto
Brennan Schommer

Duncan MacFarlane (p)
Thomas LaGrange
Hanna Wilson

Kristin Day (p)
Kevin Harris (p)
Graham Martin
Dorothy Ward

Steve Vettesse

Serge Adler

Maziar Heidari

Liane James

Mark Hipona

(cm) Concertmaster
(p) Principal
(ap) Acting Principal

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