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Orchestra Toronto Announces Permanent Appointment Music Director Michael Newnham

North York, April 14, 2019 – At its concert on Sunday afternoon at the George Weston Recital Hall, Orchestra Toronto was excited to announce the appointment of Michael Newnham, as its permanent Music Director, with the launch of its 2019-20 season: A Season of Inspiration.

“I am delighted with Michael’s appointment–it’s a match made in heaven!” said Board Chair Sharyn Goldberg, a violinist in the Orchestra, “There is a palpable chemistry that exudes from the podium creating tremendous mutual respect. I believe Michael has the ability and desire to explore Orchestra Toronto’s yet untapped potential to ‘boldly go where no orchestra has gone before!’”

The appointment comes following a successful year as Orchestra Toronto’s Interim Music Director. Mr. Newnham is best known for his intense and inspiring conducting style, based on a deep knowledge of the score and informed by a strong interest in languages, cultures and history. A born communicator, his open and direct contact with musicians and audiences creates performances full of expression and energy.

Mr. Newnham is also Music Director the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, and Music Director Emeritus of Symphony New Brunswick, and Camerata NB. He has been instrumental in bringing these ensembles to new artistic heights and raising their profile on the provincial and national level.

“Since the moment I first stepped on the podium at Orchestra Toronto over a year ago, I felt a very wonderful and special connection with this orchestra,” said Mr. Newnham. “Becoming the Music Director of OT is a very exciting opportunity for me to help develop this excellent ensemble in fulfilling its role as a flagship community orchestra in our city and beyond.”

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