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Duncan MacFarlane (p)

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Duncan MacFarlane is a freelance trombone player active in both the Toronto and Ottawa regions. Currently serving as the Principal Trombonist of Orchestra Toronto, Duncan performs with various other ensembles, including the Ottawa Pops Orchestra and University of Toronto’s musical groups.

Duncan is presently pursuing his studies under the tutelage of Vanessa Fralick, Associate Principal Trombonist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, at the University of Toronto.

In Ottawa, Duncan has had the privilege of learning from some of Canada’s most accomplished instructors. His mentors have included Dean Tronsgard, the former lead trombonist of Canada’s RCMP band; Leonard Ferguson, the bass trombonist for the Ottawa Symphony; and Douglas Burden, who recently retired after 50 years as bass trombonist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

Beyond his outstanding instructors, Duncan has been actively involved in several esteemed programs tailored for aspiring musicians. His educational journey has included Canterbury High School of the Arts and Interlochen Arts Academy, participation in the Ottawa Youth Orchestra, and membership in the Conn Selmer Centerstage Band – experiences that have enriched his musical growth and shaped his career.

Duncan MacFarlane, Principal, Trombone

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