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Frédéric Mercier

Originally from France, Frederic began his musical studies on violin at the age of 7, with Pierre-Olivier Queyras as teacher (brother of the famous cellist Jean-Guyhen Queyras). In parallel to his working activities in Finance (mainly in the Staffing industry), he also graduated from the private music school “Ecole Normale de Musique Cortot” in Paris, with Maestro Devy Erlih (winner of Long-Thibaud competition in 1955).

During the last 20 years, Frederic played in different non-professional orchestras in Paris as concertmaster or violin solist under the direction of talented young conductors like Julien Leroy, Aurelien Azan or Romain Dumas.

Frederic joined Orchestra Toronto for Christmas at the movies in December 2022.

Frédéric Mercier, Violin I

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