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Fellowships with Mentoring and Performing

Short-term Memberships for Promising Young Musicians

A student fellowship is a short-term membership in the orchestra designed to give emerging new talent the opportunity to play with a high-level orchestra and gain rare orchestral experience. Student fellows also have the opportunity to work with a professional artistic and administrative team and perform with the orchestra in the George Weston Recital Hall at the Meridian Arts Centre with a professional production team. The student fellowship length is usually for one concert cycle (6-8 weeks).

Student fellows rehearse and perform on their chosen instrument for one full concert cycle.

Mentorship and Performance Opportunities

In the student fellowship program, Orchestra Toronto provides a professional mentor from within the orchestra for each student. Student Fellows have their membership fees waived and are recognized in our concert programs. There is also be an opportunity for student fellows to take part in some of the small ensembles that form for OT outreach activities, giving them an opportunity to gain experience in chamber music as well as large orchestral works.


The current requirements for student fellows are;

  • That they be able to play at a minimum Grade 8 RCM level (or equivalent)
  • That they must have proven ability to comport themselves appropriately in an orchestra
  • That they must agree to attend a full concert cycle and all the required rehearsals
  • That they be committed to improving their level of musicality

In 2021-22, Orchestra Toronto is pleased to offer 15 student fellowships to aspiring, technically proficient musicians, as well as a brand new Apprentice Concertmaster’s chair to young violinists wishing to learn the concertmaster’s craft. We are especially interested in students who play violin, viola, and percussion; however, we may be able to create positions for students who play any symphonic instruments. If you would like to join us to rehearse and perform for one concert cycle (usally 7 weeks), please get in touch!

What We Offer

  • Students will audition for the orchestra, and receive detailed feedback on their auditions from the Music Director and audition panel.
  • Students who are accepted into the programme will be paired with a mentor.
  • Students meet with their mentor and the Music Director to discuss their goals for the concert cycle. Throughout the programme, students will receive feedback from the Music Director and their mentor to help them progress towards their goals.
  • Membership is free for student fellows.
  • We offer a travel stipend of $50 per concert cycle.
  • Students perform with Orchestra Toronto.
  • Orchestra Toronto will provide students with documentation of their participation in Orchestra Toronto.

To Apply

Interested candidates should e-mail the Personnel Manager with the following information:

  • Your instrument
  • Your teacher’s name
  • Your level (Suzuki level or RCM grade, or a note from your teacher telling us what level you play at)
  • Your choice of which concert cycle you wish to join

If you can include link to a video of you playing, so much the better.

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