Prior Seasons

Dances Of The Americas – February 2021 CANCELLED.

Let’s Dance! The infectious rhythms and inimitable musical styles of North and South America will have you ready to kick up your heels and dance in the aisles. From the tango of Argentina, with Bandoneonist Denis Plante, through Mexico’s Huapango, to the Broadway dances of the Sharks and the Jets, Orchestra Toronto will have you ready to move with the music.

Sadly, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on public gatherings in Toronto, we were unable to rehearse or perform. Tickets have been refunded. We hope that you will join us again in 2021-22. 


Michael Newnham – Conductor
Denis Plante – Bandoneon

On The Programme

Estacio: Frenergy

Moncayo: Huapango

Marquez: Danzon No. 2

Piazzolla: Aconcagua, Denis Plante, Bandoneon

Owing to the shifting nature of just about everything during the COVID-19 pandemic, details of the programme and performance may change.

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