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Ralph T. Bose

Born in Pembroke, ON, Ralph has been playing in Orchestra Toronto since 1996 and currently plays in the Second Violin section.

Ralph’s violin was owned and played by his paternal grandmother which she gifted to him when he was 7 years old. During his elementary and high school years in Kincardine, ON he studied with various teachers and received his Grade VIII from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Ralph also picked up the drums in high school and toured both Northern Ontario and the UK with the Kincardine Knights of Jazz.

After moving with his family to Oshawa, ON, he played in the Oshawa Symphony and then, while obtaining his B.Sc. in Medical & Health Physics from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, he played violin in the McMaster Symphony and Symphony Hamilton.

After moving to Ottawa, ON to start his technical career, he played in the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra.

On the rock front, he traded the “sticks” in for “picks” and has played lead guitar in several classic rock bands since living in Ottawa.

He then moved to the GTA and previous to Orchestra Toronto, played in the Etobicoke Symphony.

Recently Ralph is also the lead guitarist for such local acts as The Gnome Addicts and Chronicles – A Tribute to Rush.

He currently works at Mirion Technologies in Concord, ON as a Health Physics Product Specialist / Radiation Safety Officer lives with his wife and young son in Maple, ON.

Ralph T. Bose, Violin II

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