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2023-24 Season Concerts

Orchestra Toronto’s upcoming Season 2023-2024 is a journey through the many ways in which music connects us all. Each concert is a celebration of strength, growth, and coming together, as we explore the beauty and power of nature, and the many cultures and traditions that make up our world.

From the meditative and introspective tones of Bach and Shostakovich in our first concert, to the playful and family-friendly winter festival of our second, each performance is a unique and powerful experience. We will explore the dramatic and real-world music of Mychael Danna’s “Life of Pi” and the influences of Asian, French and Nordic cultures in our ‘Symphony of the Sea’ concert, while our “Brave New World” performance celebrates the many ways in which immigration and tradition have shaped America and the world.

Finally, we will conclude our season with a powerful performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 “Tragic”, which explores the uncontrollable forces of nature and the many emotions that shape our lives.

Throughout the season, we will be embracing inclusivity and coming together, as we celebrate the many ways in which music connects us all. Whether you are a longtime fan of classical music or a newcomer to the genre, we invite you to join us for a season that is sure to be unforgettable, filled with growth, energy, and the powerful beauty of nature.

Purchase concert tickets on the the concert pages below, or call the box office to purchase season tickets, or ticket bundles. Phone 416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754

2023-2024 Season Concerts

Our first concert of the season features a powerful program that pays homage to the past while looking to the future.

The evening begins with Bach/Stokowski’s haunting and iconic “Toccata and Fugue,” a piece that has captivated audiences for generations. This will be followed by Shostakovich’s emotional and deeply personal “Violin Concerto,” featuring the virtuosic talents of Mark Fewer on violin. The concert concludes with Brahms’ majestic “Symphony no. 4,” a work that embodies the themes of change, with its rich and evocative melodies capturing the essence of the season as the leaves turn and the world prepares for winter. 

Orchestra Toronto Season 2023-24 First Concert - Strength of our Ancestors

Saturday, Oct 28, 2023   Start Time: 8pm with pre-show concert chat at 7:15pm

Get ready to kick off the holiday season with A Winter Festival. This magical afternoon is perfect for audiences of all ages and is sure to fill you with joy, warmth, and the spirit of the season.

Featuring the Canadian Children’s Opera Company, this concert is all about celebrating the beauty and wonder of winter. But this concert is not just about music – it’s about coming together as a community and celebrating the holiday season with all of the people you love. The concert will end with a festive sing-along, bringing everyone together for a heartwarming finale. 

A Winter Festival Banner Image

Sunday, Dec 10, 2023   Start Time: 3pm with pre-show concert chat at 2:15pm

This concert is a celebration of the water that connects us all. Sibelius’ mystical “The Oceanides,” captures the essence of the sea with its ethereal and haunting melody. Mychael Danna’s suite from “Life of Pi” adds a dramatic and real-world feel to this concert, while soloists playing the accordion, tabla, bansuri flute, and singer bring in musical influences from India and around the world.

Rautavaara’s “Cantus Arcticus” takes the audience on a journey to the Nordic and Arctic regions, with its evocative bird calls and orchestra sounds, while Debussy’s iconic “La Mer” transports the audience to the blue and turquoise waters of the French coast with its impressionistic waves and flows.

Symphony of the Sea banner

Sunday, Feb 25, 2024   Start Time: 3pm with pre-show concert chat at 2:15pm

Experience a bold and uplifting concert, “A Brave New World.” This concert celebrates the influence of music in the United States, showcasing the power of music to bring people together, inspire hope, and drive positive change.

The program includes Valerie Coleman’s “Umoja: Anthem of Unity,” a stirring piece that celebrates the power of togetherness and community, and Hindemith’s “Symphonic Metamorphosis on themes by Carl Maria von Weber,” which showcases the bohemian style and musical traditions that immigrants brought to America. The concert also features Dvorak’s “Cello Concerto,” performed by the talented Winona Zelenka, which showcases the warmth and nurturing qualities of the cello and tells a powerful story of immigration and seeking hope in a new world.

A Brave New World banner

Sunday, April 14, 2024     Start Time: 3pm with pre-show concert chat at 2:15pm

Forces of Nature,” featuring one of the most powerful and personal works by Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 6 “Tragic”, a huge piece of music, composed in 1905, captures every possible emotion and is a reflection of the world and the uncontrollable forces that shape our lives.

This symphony is a heroic journey through the mountains and natural world, exploring the full range of human emotions from elation to despair. Mahler’s personal touch is evident in every note of this deeply emotional piece, leaving audiences feeling strengthened.

Experience the boiling energy of “Forces of Nature,” and let Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 take you on a journey through the powerful and uncontrollable forces that shape our lives. This season finale is sure to be an unforgettable evening of music that will leave you feeling inspired and in awe of the immense power of nature.

Saturday, June 8, 2024    Start Time: 8pm with pre-show concert chat at 7:15pm

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