We are pleased to offer a Student Fellowship Program for gifted and aspiring students of instrumental music.

In our more than sixty year history, Orchestra Toronto has a long tradition of fostering young musicians through a variety of programs.   A student fellowship is a short-term membership in the orchestra designed to give emerging new talent the opportunity to play with a high-level orchestra and gain rare orchestral experience.  Student fellows also have the opportunity to work with a professional artistic and administrative team and perform with the orchestra in the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts with a professional production team. The student fellowship length is usually for one concert cycle; however they are sometimes extended and the fellow may be permitted to join as a full member of the orchestra in special circumstances.

In the student fellowship program, Orchestra Toronto provides a professional mentor from within the orchestra for each student, typically a desk partner or of the same instrument.  That mentor provides professional support of a musical and deportment nature to the student fellow for their time in the orchestra.  Our Interim Music Director, Michael Newnham and our Executive Director, Jennie Worden also provide some individual professional mentoring, providing professional insight and advice tailored to the strengths of each fellow with the goal of their professional development.  Student Fellows have their membership fees waived and are recognized in our concert programs.  There is also be an opportunity for student fellows to take part in some of the small ensembles that form for OT outreach activities, giving them an opportunity to gain experience in chamber music as well as large orchestral works.

The current requirements for student fellows are;

  •   That they be able to play at a minimum Grade 8 RCM level (or equivalent)
  •   That they have proven ability to comport themselves appropriately in an orchestra
  •   That they agree to attend a full concert cycle and all the required rehearsals
  •   That they be committed to improving their level of musicality

In 2020-21, Orchestra Toronto is pleased to offer student fellowships to aspiring, technically proficient musicians who play violin, viola, or percussion.

If you would like to apply for our program please contact our Personnel Manager John McGregor at info@orchestratoronto.ca or 416-467-72142

Some comments from our previous Student Fellows on their experience:

Matisse Blundell- Trumpet- Age 15
“I just love playing in Orchestra Toronto!!!!  It’s such an uplifting and rewarding experience!  I love the music we play – it’s diverse, interesting, and challenging.  I learn a lot from every piece we play.  … I also really enjoy spending time with my OT colleagues.  I still marvel at how people from all different walks of life can come together and work towards a common goal – bringing great music to people.  I think “Music for the love of it” really says it all – we all play because we love to, and that overrides our differences and brings us all together as one big happy group!

Thank you OT for everything!!!!!”

Sarah Alexis Gritis – Violin-Age 14
Being a member of Orchestra Toronto as an RBC fellow has been a tremendously enriching experience. From a young age I would always dream of being part of a professional orchestra and creating beautiful, cohesive sounds envisioned by the world’s greatest composers. As an avid violinist for thirteen years, I finally had the opportunity to play with a group of truly talented and likeminded musicians this past year, when a good friend recommended Orchestra Toronto.

Becoming a member of Orchestra Toronto has reinforced my outlook on the power of music, and has improved me intellectually and artistically. Since joining in September, I’ve noticed a great improvement in my playing as a result of the technically demanding repertoire. In addition, my stage presence and confidence have improved dramatically, as a result of performing on stage, in front of a large audience. However, the best part of performing with Orchestra Toronto is making a significant difference in the lives of our audience. After each concert, it’s apparent that our music has enriched those listening, as revealed by the smiles, the standing ovations, and their relaxed dispositions.

The experience has made a significant and positive difference in my life. I so look forward to re-joining the superlative people and making some more splendid music with Orchestra Toronto this fall.”

Aled Blundell-Trumpet-Age 12
“I have had a fantastic year playing with Orchestra Toronto!  The experience has been really fun, and I have met many great people.  I loved playing with everyone, and I always felt welcome and happy to be there.  I love the repertoire Orchestra Toronto plays!  We played Mahler this year, which is my absolute favourite, so I was really excited to play!! [Executive Director] Samantha Little and John McGregor are amazing people!  I’m so glad Mr. McGregor was my section mate because he is the BEST to sit with!  And Kevin Mallon was a GREAT conductor to work with.  I learned a lot, and especially, I had a great time with everyone, all making music together.  Thank you for a awesome year playing with you Orchestra Toronto!!

Aled : )”