In response to COVID-19 protocols and the restrictions placed on public gatherings by the Government of Ontario, we will offer two performance of our programme of Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms, with 50 tickets available to each performance. We very much hope to see you there. In order to make sure that our performances are as safe as possible for orchestra members and patrons alike, we ask that all audience members become familiar with and observe our safety protocol:

Physical distancing: Orchestra members and audience members will be seated with one metre between each member or family group. We will also have barriers between the wind and brass sections and the audiences.

Reduced numbers: We have divided the orchestra into two “demi-orchestras” to reduce the number of musicians on stage and allow for physical distancing.

Masks: Orchestra members will wear masks when not actively using their faces to play instruments. We ask that audience members wear masks.

Increased ventilation: We have purchased HEPA air purifiers for the rehearsal space and concert hall.

Shorter programmes: To reduce the length of time audience members are sitting together, we have shortened the programme and eliminated the intermission.

Surface sanitation: We will disinfect high-touch surfaces before and between performances.

Entry, Exit, and Audience Protocols

For performances at Hope United Church, please arrive in plenty of time to get seated. A front-of-house attendant will check your name off the ticket list, and guide you to your seat.

Two rows at the front of the sanctuary and the front of the balcony will be reserved for subscribers. Both subscribers and non-subscribers will be seated on a first-come-first-served basis.

We will place patrons with 2 metres (6 feet) of space between groups. Please identify your group to the ushers when you arrive, so that we can accommodate your seating needs.

There will be no intermission. Patrons are invited to discreetly leave and re-enter the hall should they need to do so during the performance.

We ask that all patrons wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. The musicians will likewise be masked.

At the end of the concert, the ushers will clear the concert hall from the back to minimize crowding and allow all patrons to exit the hall. We ask that patrons refrain from mingling in the vestibule, to allow us to clear the hall efficiently. There is a small garden on the south side of Hope United Church beside the Hope Centre, should patrons need to meet up with an Orchestra member. There is also a small park on Main St., just north of the Church, which might also make a convenient and pleasant meeting spot.