Music Director

Kevin Mallon
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Executive Director

Jennie Worden – incomingpress release
Samantha Little – outgoing

Personnel Manager

John McGregor


John McGregor

Volunteer Coordinator

Ladeeq Sameer

Board of Directors


John Kingston co-chair
Sharyn Goldberg co-chair
(vacant) vice chair
Danny Somlo treasurer
(vacant) secretary


John Huss (sales & mktg)
Malcolm Jussawalla (sales & mktg)
Ladeeq Sameer (volunteer committee)
Rory Taylor (fundraising)
Guillaume Caty (sales & mktg)

Musician’s Committee

Micheal Lordly (chair)
Dan Manley (vice-chair)
Andrea Rush
Gina Maenhaut

Chairman’s Advisory Council

Sharyn Goldberg
Stan Shortt

Board Ex-Officio Members

Kevin Mallon music director
Samantha Little executive director
John McGregor librarian, personnel and stage manager